Here’s how I found a balanced approach to eating.

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During the extended lockdown months of 2020, I really didn’t care much about what I ate or my physical activity. All I did was binge-watch series, eat, and work. I did things that required minimal movement and gained about 4.8 kgs (10.6 lbs approximately).

This weight gain struck me when all my clothes became uncomfortable. They still fitted me but I wasn’t comfortable.

So, like every other person, I took to the internet to find ways to lose this weight.

And stumbled upon a few weight loss diet routines, and my favorites were:

Intermittent Fasting (IF)

From failure to a new beginning

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The beginning

I started learning Indian Classical Dance when I was five years old, my parents saw that I had the talent and they wanted me to learn something new.

For 9 long years, they paid for my training and costumes, and tickets to travel to different performances.

During these years, I developed a desire to learn more dance forms.

I wanted to span my knowledge across different dance forms. So I begged my parents to finance my dream.

As time passed this dream of mine kept getting more and more expensive.

I was 19 and in engineering school, when…

Free Phrase Poetry

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My dearest Lulu,

Today I couldn’t seem to do anything without being reminded of you

as I sat on my couch, going through my bag I came across your first picture,

how wonderful it would have been to have you here with me.

How are you?

Are you still angry at me?

I know my dear child you can’t forgive me easily and though I act like everything is ok I can’t forgive myself either.

I’ve prayed to God to punish me, I’ve prayed to spirits to let me talk to you

but it seems that my…

Here’s how I found a balanced approach between eating and fasting.

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I am a fairly healthy person. I don’t follow a rigorous exercise routine or a particular diet chart. But I do indulge in some sort of physical workout every other day, and I’m also mindful of my caloric intake (at least that was the case until the lockdown started).

During the initial month of the lockdown, I really didn’t care much about what I ate or my physical activity. I enjoyed my ‘new normal’ life. All I did was binge-watch series, eat, and work. I did things that required minimal movement.

I totally forgot that I was getting married in…

Acknowledging the altered history of Indian classical dance

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India is a country with diverse cultures. Our language, cuisine, music, religious practices, architecture, clothing are all different from region to region. This difference can also be found in the dance forms across the country. Imbibed from local traditions, dance in India can be classified into two major categories:

Some assets are irreplaceable

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My father is known for his ability to forget birthdays, which also means that we never got gifts on our birthday.

To compensate, every year in the month of January my father would take us shopping and would ask us to buy one dress, and that would be our birthday gift. The gift seemed like a task he wanted to get done with at the earliest so that he could live without guilt.

Last year wasn’t any different. Except that on the 16th of March (my birthday), he gave me this bulky gadget with a lot of keys- a typewriter.

Satire — Some not so popular tips to consider

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“Does my partner exist, or is he just a BOT created by some computer geek?”

A long-distance relationship isn’t the best kind of relationship, but it isn’t the worst either.

So if you are in a long-distance relationship here are few tips to help you survive as long as you plan to be together(and I really hope that’s forever).

#1: Know his every move

Get a GPS tracker and camera installed somewhere in his upper body (without his knowledge). By doing this, you can know what he is up to on a ‘real-time’ basis. …

Pros and cons that will help you strategize your freelance career

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I found more aspirational value in being self employed, like many other millennials.

In the year 2014, I wanted to expand my dance skills and learn Indian Contemporary Dance (a fusion of nine Indian Classical Dance forms and Western Contemporary style of dancing) from a renowned school. The fee was a whopping $200/month. And my “traditional employment” (9–5 job) didn’t pay me enough to take care of my necessities, a student loan, saving for my masters, and an expensive passion.

So I chose what I thought was the fastest alternate that could help, freelancing.

“I don’t hate freelancing.”

There’s a…

Aneesha Johnson

Writer, Engineer & Dancer. I write about emotions and personal development.

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