Here’s how I found a balanced approach to eating.

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  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Hara-Hachi Bu

From failure to a new beginning

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Here’s how I found a balanced approach between eating and fasting.

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I totally forgot that I was getting married in…

Acknowledging the altered history of Indian classical dance

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  • Folk Dance — This style of dance depicts the life of people in different regions. This style of dance is performed as a part of celebrations. For example, the folk dance of Punjab (a state in India) called ‘Bhangra’ is performed during the harvest festival, weddings, etc.
  • Classical Dance — Indian…

Some assets are irreplaceable

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Satire — Some not so popular tips to consider

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Pros and cons that will help you strategize your freelance career

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Aneesha Johnson

Writer, Engineer & Dancer. I write about emotions and personal development.

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